The one where I write my first blog post.

Hello, my name is Dani and I am addicted to distance running. 
First step is admitting it, I guess.
Selfies on the trail. Is that against ultrarunning code?
This is my kazillionth attempt to start a blog on the umpteenth subject. However, I've recently realized how much I enjoy recapping my trail runs and training, but that my dog, Whiskey, is probably getting sick of hearing about it.
"Enough already about the awesome switchbacks, Mom."

Thus, the origin of Trails & Cocktails. The meaning behind the name? It's as simple as it sounds. I love trail running, and I adore cocktails (and all adult beverages really, I don't really discriminate.)  I live in Philly with my boyfriend and our chug (chihuahua pug), aptly named Whiskey after one of our favorite beverages. I've been running around the City of Brotherly love since 2009, and have run 2 half marathons and 4 full marathons on the road. Over the past four years, I've set some PR's, taken some breaks, fundraised for Team in Training, and have gone through more pairs of shoes than I can count.
Thank God for Instagram, the savior of bad race day photos.
However, when I considered my future goals for running during the fall of 2012, setting PR's for 26.2 or any distance on the road were not high on my priority list. So I went back to my first love and the reason I began running, the TRAILS. I'm currently training for my very first 50k trail race (roughly 31 miles in 'merican speak), so expect to find plenty of photos of pretty trails and muddy feet in the upcoming months. 
I usually always reward my hard training with some tasty libations, varying from hoppy IPA's to delectable Manhattans to a spicy Shiraz, so I'll also post reviews and photos of my liquid treats.  
So crack a beer, shake a martini, or pour a glass of pinot, and follow along as I juggle ultramarathon training with a twenty-something's crazy social life. Cheers! 

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