Hill Repeats and Sauvignon Blanc


5 miles,  10 x 100m hill repeats

9:13 average pace

I've been feeling kind of run down from my epic 3 hour trail run last weekend, but tonight's run was an excellent confidence boost. It wasn't super fast, but the hill repeats were the main focus and they felt shockingly easy. Hills used to be pretty tough for me a year ago, especially because I had undiagnosed exercise-induced asthma. Now, I've grown to love them in a sickening way (fully medicated for asthma, of course.) Since I live in the middle of a city and work a full-time job, hilly trails are usually a treat reserved for weekends and days off. So during the week, I am restricted to pavement. Center city Philadelphia is not known for it's steep grades (read: NO HILLS) so I've had to come up with creative solutions. My latest spot is a new pedestrian bridge overlooking a dog park next to the river. It's hard to be a hater when puppies are chasing tennis balls in your direct line of sight.

Dinner & Drinks

I came home to find my personal chef boyfriend Josh cookin' up a storm. I pretty much hit the runner's jackpot with this one. Almost every time I come home from a run, I can count on finding something delicious waiting for me, and Whiskey sadly salivating next to the oven. Tonight we had a lemony, garlicky chicken with capers, with broiled garlic asparagus and sweet peas. Ah-mazing.

We drank some Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc with dinner. This wine paired very well with the chicken, which was deglazed with the same wine. This is a good, inexpensive choice for a dry, weekday white. While not mind-blowing, it was perfect for a Wednesday evening.

Wednesday Wino
Josh's personal cooking mantra

Tomorrow may call for an early wake up. Word on the street is that Mark Wahlberg is in Philly, and was spotted at my gym early this morning. The potential of seeing a hot movie star might be the only thing that gets me out of bed before 6 A.M.

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