50k Training Plan



2.2 miles home from work @ 7:48 per mile (what the ?)

2.8 miles to volleyball @ 9:04 per mile

Total: 5 miles, 43:02

Apparently, I ate my Wheaties before leaving work last night because I posted a 7:25 mile right out the door. That is unbelievably fast for me. Perhaps it's my desire to get away from work as fast as humanly possible. Maybe it was just cold outside and I was trying to warm up.  I'd like to attribute it to my intense hill training on and off the trails, and the fact that my quads and hammies are getting ripped. So we'll just say that's the real reason.

7:25 for the win. 

50k Training Plan 

I've always been a fan of crafting my own training plan to meet my schedule. It worked for my first marathon, miraculously. Luckily, I was in great shape at the time, because my training plan was pretty much non-existent. I ran when I could during the week (about 2x max), and tried to extend my long runs a bit further each weekend. I didn't track any mileage or paces. Looking back now, I cringe at the thought of not tracking my miles. But hey, I still posted up a 4:14 marathon which I worked HARD to beat twice last year.

Last spring, I followed the Team in Training marathon training plan for my second marathon, the New Jersey Marathon. I loved this plan so much, I decided to use it for the fall season as well, in preparation for the Marine Corps and Philadelphia marathons. It focused on alternating  long run distances on weekends, from a "short long" to a "long long" (i.e. 11 miles, 18 miles, 12 miles, 20 miles) and consistently increasing mid-week mileage. I even started logging miles in an excel sheet to keep me motivated and accountable. I believe this is how I managed to succeed in setting 2 PR's in a row, only 3 weeks apart (4:13 and 4:09, respectively.)
This Winter, I've done my ultra research. I know that going farther requires more miles, both weekly and on long runs. With help from the interwebz and a few books on ultrarunning, I've created a plan that will help me get past 26.2. The 21 week plan, which officially started January 1st, will peak at 60 miles per week, and average about 42 miles per week. 

Ideal Weekly Schedule 

Mon:   Rest
Tues:  Easy run + volleyball*

Wed:   Hill repeats or speedwork
Thu:   Easy mid-length run (6-10 miles) + strength
Fri:      Rest/ Cross-train
Sat:      Long trail run (14+ miles)
Sun:    Medium effort mid-length run (6-10 miles)  + yoga

Sample Weekly Schedule (50 mile week)

Mon:   Rest
Tues:  6 miles easy + volleyball*

Wed:   6 miles inc. hill repeats
Thu:   10 miles easy (or 5 + 5 easy) + strength
Fri:      Rest
Sat:      20 mile long trail run
Sun:    8 miles at medium effort + yoga

Total Weekly Mileage: 50 miles

*Note: While don't count volleyball as training, I include it as a part of my weekly schedule because it's essential to my happiness and there's no way I'm skipping it for training. Last night, our team killed it and beat a team with a 14-1 record. Afterwards, we celebrated with drinks at the bar, and ended the night by singing songs from "The Little Mermaid" on the way home. Like I said, this is an essential part of the plan.

Other Goals 

In addition to increased mileage, I have several mini goals that I want to tackle along the way. These are things I have been historically lazy about, but will help me get stronger and prevent injuries along the way:

  1. Go to yoga once a week 
  2. Strength train at least once a week
  3. Stretch/ foam roll after every run
  4. Core exercises at least twice per week
  5. Eat quality food after long runs to help repair muscle (this DOES include IPA's...) 
So that's the plan. I know there will be exceptions, rescheduling, and even some missed days due to unforeseen circumstances. But I'm confident with this plan I will take my endurance to the next level and be 100% prepared to kick 50k in the ass. 

5 thoughts on “50k Training Plan

    1. Stacey, you are not alone there. I usually am very good about stretching/foam rolling when I am feeling pain (piriformis pain mostly) but when I'm feeling fine I don't do it. I know a lot of my pains are preventable IF I keep up a regular routine. I find that if I do it while watching a TV show I like it's not as bad. Last night I stretched, foam rolled, AND stick-ed. I should win an award or something 😉

  1. I really like how volleyball is an essential part of the plan! (as it should be!!!!) And yes, it was awesome to beat that 14-1 team this week - it was probably the best I've seen us play, which is really great. The new specials at Ten Stone just put a little cherry on the top of a whole great night. I'm so accustomed to going to Ten Stone every week that I am pretty sure i would crave it if we didn't go.

  2. Just starting to get into running and want to do and have signed up for an ultra (32 miles) in Aug. I run a 20 mile LSR every Sat and other runs Tus and Thur with a group long run between 12-16 every Sunday. Track work on Fridays. I am just trying to gather all information on running ultra's I have signed up for two marathons April and May so far. Could do with help on food / hydration on both general eating and what to take on training runs. Any help would be greatly received. Thanks


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