Something Old, Something New


Scheduled Rest Day

Sometimes a small gesture can make a big impact. When Josh and I got home from work tonight, there was a UPS package waiting for us at the door. Inside the box was a brand new mug Josh had ordered to replace the one that broke on Monday. 
Old and New
I was nearly brought to tears when he gave it to me. While the mug is probably the most inexpensive gift Josh has ever given me, it is also the most thoughtful. 
Naturally, the new mug will have a different meaning in my everyday life than the old one. When I sip from this mug, not only will I remember Jake and what his life and death represented, but I will also think about my present and future with Josh. While the broken mug represents my life while grieving for my brother, the new one represents the whole and fulfilled person I have become. 
Tonight we're relaxing with some television and Plungerhead Zinfindel. This dry, fruity red is one of the tastiest inexpensive wines that Pennysylvania Wine & Spirits stores sell. At $13.99 (on sale), the price is a steal for the excellent flavor. 
Tomorrow is my day off, so I'm heading out early for 16 miles on the trails. Look out for a trail post tomorrow afternoon! 

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