Face plant


Long trail run

16.1 miles @ 13:07 per mile

1822' elevation gain

Time: 3:31 

Today was cold, at least by PA standards. The temperature when I headed out for my run at 11 AM was 31 degrees, wind chill of 19. Considering that on my long run last Saturday I wore a t-shirt and shorts, today was a bit shocking. 

Ready for cold. Or a ninja fight.

I ran at Wissahickon Valley Park, which is my "home base" for trail runs. I started out feeling a bit tired and sluggish, but it felt nice to warm up. I did a reverse loop of last weekend plus four miles, which meant more elevation gains but less technical trails in the beginning. 
One thing I love about Wissahickon is that the trails are very well marked. There are plenty of color coded signs with arrows for hikers, bikers, and horses, and there are colored blazes on trees even more frequently. It's pretty hard to get lost in there, though I still carry a trail map with me just in case.

Around mile 5, I was running through a beautiful, secluded part of the woods. The single track trail was mostly packed dirt, with much less rocks and roots than the rest of the trail. I took my eyes off the trail to enjoy the scenery, when I forgot the number one rule of trail running: never take your eyes off the ground. All of a sudden, my hands and face were on the dirt. A stray tree root had caught me off guard, and I suffered my first fall on the trails. I got up flustered, and it just so happened that I fell down right in front of a tree I had taken a photo of last week. Odd coincidence. 
Luckily, I wasn't hurt and continued down the path. I munched on some Honey Stingers and raisins on the way: 
I definitely did not fuel enough before or during this run. I like to eat something about every hour or every 5 miles on a long run, which I did for the first 2 hours. After that, I was so anxious to be done that I just kept going and did not stop at hour 3 to eat. As a result, the last 3 miles were VERY difficult. Additionally, I ate a light dinner last night which did not give me enough energy to get through this run feeling good. I'm still looking for a better fueling strategy, and may try out a homemade energy "gel" soon. Regardless of the fueling issues,  I still posted my longest trail run to date, with some amazing views. 
After the run, I enjoyed a huge salad from Whole Foods with a Goose Island Mild Winter ale. The beer was light, wintery, and had subtle hints of rye and caramel.
Later on, Josh and I went to see Django Unchained, which was excellent. Naturally, I was starving afterwards, so we went to a pub near our apartment for some good beer and wings. We both ordered the Stone Double IPA, named "Enjoy by 2/15/13." This brew was tasty, and also had hints of rye like my previous beer. The double IPA was strong, but not overwhelmingly hoppy. 
Stone "Enjoy by 2/15/13"
I'm so tired from today's run! Heading off to bed, with a slow 5-6 miler planned in the morning. Night! 

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  1. My favorite topic! Trail food. I could write a ton about but I was planning on doing a blog entry about it sometime soon. I'll link it once it's up. For the short term, I would suggest giving dates a try. If you look at the nutritional content of them they basically have the same content of a gel pack. (well somewhat close.) The only issue with them as a main staple of food on the trail would be the fiber content. I usually take about 6 with me and use them more towards the end of the run. They taste great and help break up gel routine. I have also used stinger cookies and gels which are also a nice change from clif shot and GU etc etc. My running partner and I are experimenting with something new but I'm not ready to publicly admit to it yet. :) I recommend this brand..WAY better than the Dole ones.


    1. Hi Tony, thanks for the advice. I love dates! I never though to bring them on a run though. I definitely should give them a shot. I'm going to try a homemade organic "gel" soon, so I'll be sure to do a post about it. Thanks for reading!


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