Birthday Brunch + Birthday Bar Crawl



Easy run

5.2 miles @ 9:17 pace

Time: 48:15

Yesterday, I went out for an early-ish run around 9 AM. I wasn't too excited to get out there, but since my day was packed with birthday celebrations, I needed to run in the morning. My legs were still tight from Friday's 16 trail miles, but I knew an easy jog would help break up some of the lactic acid causing me pain.

I ran an out and back route down the bike path on Kelly Drive, undoubtedly Philly's most popular running spot. I'm lucky to live only a half mile from this relatively flat route that runs beside the Schuylkill River on both sides. There's a few sections where a gravel trail runs next to the paved trail,   which is a nice way to ease tired joints and avoid bikers. 
Gravel path

There were lots of runners and bikers out enjoying the beautiful, brisk morning. My legs felt like lead, but I trudged ahead, looking forward to my turn around at 2.5 miles. The run back was straight into a headwind, so my pace suffered a bit. However, the view of the city was spectacular and helped to take my mind off the wind.
Skyline view from Kelly Drive

Afterwards, I stopped at a new coffee shop in our neighborhood for a skim latte: 
Then, Josh and I got ready to go to our first birthday celebration of the day. It was a brunch for my friend Ruth, with whom I play Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. There were plenty of good folks in attendance, and we played the biggest game of Cards Against Humanity known to man.  We had so much fun, I failed to take any photos of our bloody marys and mimosas. #bloggerfail
After brunch, we headed home to get ready for birthday number two. At 5:15, we hopped on a train to the suburbs for Janine's birthday bar crawl. Janine never fails to throw an epic bar crawl every year, usually evidenced by my pounding headache the next day. This year was no exception.
We started off at Janine's apartment and had a few beers and pizza. Then we headed out to Christopher's in Wayne, the first stop of the evening. This place was a little classy (as far as bar crawls go) so I decided to go for a "classy" drink. I ordered an Uncle Jim's Manahattan at the recommendation of the bartender. It had Bulleit Rye, Antica Vermouth, Luxardo, orange and cherry bitters, and a cherry in the glass. Overall, it was tasty and very strong.
After Christopher's, our large group of about 25 people moved on to McGillicuddy's. While there, I sipped on one of my favorite beers, Bell's Two-Hearted Ale. We stayed there for a bit and then headed next to the Great American Pub, where I drank a Weyerbacher Winter Ale to round out the evening.
Overall, it was a fantastic day filled with some of my favorite people. I'm happy I was able to celebrate with both Ruth and Janine, who are two of the most fabulous women I know.  I hope they had as much fun as I did! 

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