Mad Elf Monday


Scheduled rest day 
Man, my legs are glad to have a rest day. On one hand, it feels weird for me not to run when I have the day off from work, but my legs are enjoying the much deserved rest. Today I lazed around in the morning watching the past two episodes of Downton Abbey (so good!) and then spent most of the afternoon cleaning the apartment. Here's what's coming up this week: 

Week of 1/21 

M:   Rest 
T:   6 miles easy + volleyball
W:  7 miles including hill repeats
T:   8 miles easy
F:   Rest 
S:   13 before Vermont
S:   Snowboarding 
Planned Weekly Total:  34 miles

It's nice to have a "down" week this week, because I'm heading up to Vermont this weekend. My friend Jess and I are leaving for Stratton on Saturday afternoon, so I may have to run my long run on the road instead of trails, for time's sake. I'm really looking forward to snowboarding though! I've never been to Stratton, but I spent New Year's at nearby Mount Snow this year and had an amazing time. 
I'm sipping on a Troeg's Mad Elf right now (shown above.) We received a mixed winter beer case for Hanukkah in December, and Josh and I have been sharing each beer so we can both try every one. Josh despises Mad Elf with an undying passion, so I decided to reward my day of cleaning with a high percentage beer. I definitely don't hate it. It has a strong taste of cherries which tend to overpower the rest of the beer a bit, but at 11% you can't really go wrong 😉 

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