Cold Weather Running Gear Review


5.0 miles easy @ 9:16 pace

Time: 46:05

Today was cold. REALLY COLD. Temp was 21 degrees (not horrible) but the wind chill was 6. SIX!

Pennsylvania doesn't get this cold very often, at least not in Philadelphia. I'm used to snowboarding in this weather, but I'm usually wrapped in several layers of warmth. Tonight, I ran 5 miles after work, and I wore this:

So in order to give an idea of what works and doesn't work when it feels like 6 degrees, I'll give a review of each item of clothing from head to toe.

  • Hat: Lululemon, (free).                                                                                                                              I received this at running group for free! It is very stretchy and comfy, and kept me warm during my 45 minute run tonight. It doesn't have a fleece lining like some others I've had, but my head still stayed pretty toasty during the run.
  • Jacket:  Brooks Utopia Softshell, size L. (on sale right now, $88!)                                            This is the BEST piece of running gear I own. My upper body was the warmest part of my body because this jacket traps all of your body heat in, and it's also wind proof. However, this presents an issue over 30 degrees, so I usually only wear this when it's below freezing. Also, it's super soft and form fitting, so I even like to wear it when I'm not running.
  • Gloves: Mountain Hardwear, Women's Momentum Running Gloves, size L ($31)               These gloves are legit. They are wind proof and kept my hands very warm tonight. My left pinky was a little chilly, but the rest of my fingers were fine. The downside, they don't have those fancy iPhone fingers that many gloves have these days. I make it work by pressing really hard, but it would be nice to have those functions. The upside, there are snot wipers on the thumbs and forefingers. If you have run in the cold before, you know how important this feature is in a running glove.
  • Pants: Nike, size M, (about $60)                                                                                                  These are great pants for 20-45 degrees. I own 2 pairs, and love them to death. They are comfortable, flattering, and reliable. However, they are NOT meant for 6 degree wind chills, as they are not insulated. In the future, I need to wear insulated tights or 2 pairs. I had some serious after effects (like a burning sensation on the backs of my thighs) from these thin pants. 
  • Socks: Zulu quarter sock, size M ($15 for 3 pairs)                                                                            These have been my go-to running socks for 4 years. I run almost exclusively in these socks, and my Pro Compression socks. These are amazingly cheap for the quality of sock, and they last forever. I usually buy a new pack whenever I buy new shoes (about 3-4x per year.) My toes were very warm during my run tonight! 
  • Shoes: Brooks Ghost 5, size 11 ($110)                                                                                            These have been my road shoe since the ASICS incident of 2012, which I will discuss in a future post. Needless to say, they are amazing. I don't foresee myself switching to another brand anytime soon. They also kept my feet toasty tonight. 
Missing: Face mask/ neck warmer. Something like this would have been very handy tonight. My face was so cold tonight, I could barely speak when I got to volleyball. 

Overall, I was okay with how I was dressed tonight. I stayed mostly warm, minus my thighs and my face. Otherwise, I was proud of myself for getting out there tonight! I was rewarded with a nice view of the Ben Franklin Bridge from Penn's Landing on my way to volleyball.

View of Ben Franklin Bridge at Sunset

After we kicked ass at volleyball tonight by winning 2 of 3 games, we headed over to our favorite nearby bar, Ten Stone. This place is our "home base" for volleyball games, since we go after every game for food and beers.

While there, I enjoyed a Southern Tier Phin and Matt's, which is a great American Pale Ale. It's a bit  hoppy, light, and goes down smoothly after exercise.

I also sipped on an Elysian Bifrost, which is an interesting winter brew. It looks much lighter than most winter beers, but the alcohol comes through strong at 7.4%. It's a bit like an IPA, and fruiter than most wintery beers I've had this year. None the less, it's pretty tasty.

Stay warm tonight!

2 thoughts on “Cold Weather Running Gear Review

  1. Ha! I am not to far west of you and I posted a picture very similar to this on Facebook this afternoon. I agree that something over the face would have been great! Good Luck tomorrow...more of the same 😉

    1. Haha, I look like a ninja or bank robber in that outfit. Tonight is going to be a treadmill "hill" run because the thought of running by the river tonight is killing me. Will post how it goes.


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