Treadmill Hill Workout


Treadmill hill workout

6.0 miles

Today was colder than yesterday. So, I sucked it up and moved my workout indoors on the dreadmill treadmill. I had never run "hills" on the treadmill, so I googled some workouts and browsed running forums for a good one. I ended up putting together something that Endorphin Mom recommended, but at a lower level:

- 1 mile warm-up to the gym at 8:10 pace

- Part 1: Long Hill Intervals at 6.0 speed- 3 miles (30 mins)
          2 minutes warm up at 0%
          5 minute hill at 4%
          REPEAT x 4 
          2 mins cool down at 0%

- Part 2: Short Hill Intervals at 6.0 speed - 1 mile (10 mins)
          0.1 mile at 8%
          0.1 mile at 0%
          0.1 mile at 6%
          0.1 mile at 0%
          REPEAT UNTIL 1.0 mile is reached

-1 mile cool down on treadmill at 6.0 speed and 1% incline
This ended up being an awesome workout! I was challenged the whole time, but I didn't feel like death. My legs might feel it tomorrow, but right now they're not sore. I usually run between 6.5 and 7.0 speed on the treadmill on 1% incline for regular runs, but I lowered my pace to 6.0 for this workout because I knew the hills would tire me out.

After the gym, I picked up some sushi for dinner at Whole Foods, because Josh is snowboarding in Vermont and I have no one to cook for me...

I grabbed a fancy schmancy Whole Foods drink too:

Mamma Chia Kiwi Lime "Vitality Beverage"
According to Born to Run, chia seeds are like the best thing to ever happen to runners, and if you eat them you'll become an amazing South American ultrarunner (oh, and you gotta run barefoot!) All kidding aside, they are actually good for you, and I weirdly like the gelly-crunchy consistency they have in liquid. The kiwi-lime flavor is very subtle, but like the raspberry flavor better. 
Currently, I'm anti-oxidizing with a glass of Alamos Malbec, while watching Nashville.
Malbec is my favorite type of wine.  It's Josh's favorite too, so we tend to drink a lot of Malbec in this house. The Alamos is earthly, tart, and dry. It sells for about $11 in PA, and it's very good for the price point. 

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