Runnin’ for Beers


Thursday night

7.7 miles @ 9:19 pace

Time: 1:12:14

Yesterday, I had originally planned an indoor 7 miler on the treadmill because it was still pretty damn cold around here. But I felt the need to socialize with some more humans (sorry, Whiskey!) So I bundled up hardcore and set out for a run with the Fishtown Beer Runners.

I wore a similar outfit to what I wore on Tuesday night's run, except I topped my Brooks pants with a pair of shorts so my bum wouldn't freeze. I also added a super sexy, fleece-lined bandana to give my face and neck a little added protection from the wind. 
Looking extra bank robber-y
My solo run to Fishtown was about 3.3 miles. There, I met up with about 25 beer runners, including several new members like myself. We set off on a 4.4 mile run to 2nd Street Brew House in South Philly, settling into natural pace groups along the way. 
2nd Street Brew House was everything the great Yelp reviews promised. They offered a varied draught beer selection, and an even better bottle list. I enjoyed 3 different draught selections including a Coronado 4 Brothers Pale Ale, a Boulder Planet Porter, and a Goose Island Mild Winter Ale. All 3 were deliciously refreshing after close to 8 miles of running in the cold. 
Selfies in the bathroom #noshame
I'll definitely be back to run with the Beer Runners. I met some really nice people who share a passion two of my favorite hobbies. 
Happy Friday!

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