Finding Balance


Unscheduled Rest Day

Hello from chilly Vermont! I'm heading to bed shortly so I can get up and hit the slopes bright and early with my friend Jess.   

I pulled an amateur move this morning and skipped my scheduled long run thanks to a few too many of these guys at happy hour last night: 
Stone IPA - Molly Malloy's

 New York Sour - Village Whiskey

Whiskey Sour - Village Whiskey 
Old Fashioned - Village Whiskey

Champagne-O-Rama - Continental 

I ended up having a really fun evening with my friend Anthony last night, and these drinks were worth missing a long road run today. The three whiskey cocktails I enjoyed at Village Whiskey were amazingly delicious, and it was such a treat to watch the bartender expertly craft each one right in front of us.
I knew I would definitely pay for it this morning, but I also knew that skipping one long run wouldn't break my whole training season. (Note: not all drinks consumed are pictured above.)  So, I wrote today off as a "free pass" because when I woke up I knew I wouldn't be able to run 3 miles, let alone 13 miles. Also, my legs could use some rest before I start getting into 40+ mile weeks coming up. Plus, now my legs will be fresh for two long days of snowboarding ahead.
It's very important to me to balance my running life with my social life. It's even more fun when they intersect. If that means sometimes skipping a run or rearranging my schedule for happy hour, then I can handle it. I know there will be another time when I choose not to go out on Friday night in favor of getting some extra sleep before an early Saturday morning run. 
Time for bed now, I always feel like a kid on Christmas Eve the night before I go snowboarding! 

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