Can’t get you off my mind…

I think I've been incepted because I can't stop thinking about the Vermont 50 Mile Ultrarun. I'm not 100% decided on doing this yet, however, the registration date is definitely booked in my Google calendar. Ironically, the online registration opens on May 25, the evening before my first 50k. I think it's a sign from the ultrarunning gods that I need to register for this before experiencing my first ultrarun, and before rationale thought has a chance to sway my decision.

8900' total elevation gain over 50 miles of Vermont mountain trails. Sounds like total 'effing paradise to me.

8 thoughts on “Can’t get you off my mind…

  1. Group of us are going this year. Last year ran it as part of a relay team. Heather and I are running the 50K this year and some friends are going in as a relay team.

    I can tell you the 18 miles I ran were the most fun I've ever run. One word of advice for now though is get a hotel room reserved somewhere. They are already selling out, you can always cancel out if you decide against running it.


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