8 miles to The Abbaye


8.0 miles @ 9:24 pace

Last night I headed out for another run with the Fishtown Beer Runners. I took the long route to the start in order to get in about 4 miles prior to the group run. The official run was 1.8 miles to The Abbaye in Northern Liberties, so I continued on another mile out and back with some others in the group who wanted to tack on some extra mileage. My legs felt amazing tonight, and it seemed that they got stronger and looser with every mile. I'm so glad that I rested Wednesday, because if I hadn't, this run could have been unpleasant.

The Abbaye is the perfect post-run bar. It's got a decent draught selection and really good pub food. I ordered buffalo wings that were meaty, spicy, and drenched in sauce. I also enjoyed a few delicious beers, listed in order of best tasting to still-good-but-not-as-good tasting (and consequently, highest price to lowest price): Dark Horse Scotch Ale, Duclaw Euphoria Brown ale, and Philadelphia Brewing Company Newbold.

Dark Horse Scotch Ale

I liked the beers I ordered, but expected a little bit more selection from the draught list. From what I've heard from friends, this place is known for it's brews. However, they rotate taps often, so maybe this wasn't an exceptional night.

When I got home, I had a little Whiskey waiting for me:

Now I'm off to run an easy 3 miler in the rain so I can try to push my total mileage over 40 this week!

2 thoughts on “8 miles to The Abbaye

  1. What did you think of the Duclaw? Had them when I was in Maryland a few years ago. Wasn't impressed with the brewpub and menu, was too...I don't know, they were trying too hard to be edgy and cool with the decor...That being said they had a really good beer list (great variety) and really liked their imperial IPA..perfect pre-flight 20oz.... Good thing I wasn't flying the plane... :)

    1. Tony, I really liked the Duclaw. I've been getting into more brown ales lately and this one hit the spot right after the run. I don't think I've ever tried Duclaw before, but it was a good first impression! That IPA sounds like a great choice pre-flight :)


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