Sunrise and Sunset

Good morning! The past few days have been very busy,  but filled with some awesome runs. 


6.0 mile bridge run

I ran a medium effort, semi-hilly 6 miles to volleyball, which included an out and back over the Ben Franklin Bridge at sunset. I couldn't have asked for more perfect winter running weather. My legs felt strong and energetic after a nice rest on Monday. 
View from the bridge at sunset


7.0 mile tempo run
Last night I ended up doing a 5 mile tempo run on the treadmill, plus about a mile each way to and from the gym. I've stated here before that I love running in the rain, but last night was a weird snow/rain slush that was not enjoyable whatsoever during the 2 miles I ran outside. 


7.6 miles easy/medium effort
Today I FINALLY woke up early for a run! I haven't done this in months, but since I'm going out for Valentine's Day right after work, I had to squeeze my 7 miles in before going to the office. I am surprised how easy the run felt, considering 5 AM is not an hour I see very often. I was a bit underdressed for the temperature, but I still felt great this morning at a 9:18 average pace. Plus, I got to see the sun rise over the Philly skyline, which makes for a beautiful end to a fabulous run.
 Sunrise over the Philly skyline

City Hall at Sunrise

Here are a few questions to ponder on this beautiful Valentine's Day...
Are you a morning runner or an evening runner? 
-I'm definitely an evening runner, but after today I can see myself incorporating more AM runs.

Do you drink coffee before a morning run? 
-Not usually, unless I have plenty of time to get it through my system before the run!

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