New Monthly Mileage Record

Total February Mileage: 168 - New monthly record!

 Here's what happened over the past week: 


After my bi-annual long run mental breakdown on Sunday, I vowed to take a positive approach to running (and living) this week. I started off by eating healthfully and intuitively on Monday, which was rest day #1 of the week:

Roasted broccoli and baked sweet potato with parmesan

Broiled asparagus with goat cheese and bacon

Clearly, I wasn't the only one who craved these healthy treats. Whiskey is bacon's biggest fan, and it turns out he likes sweet potatoes too!


I ran 6 miles broken up as follows: 1.5 miles  from work to the gym, then 3.5 miles on the treadmill, then 1 mile home. It felt great to get back out and rebound hard after a really tough Sunday long run. P.S., I can run for an infinite amount of  time on a treadmill with Abby Lee from Dance Moms on the TV to entertain me:


Wednesday brought the best run of the week by far.  I ran about 4 miles before meeting up with my friend Lauren for a run over the Ben Franklin Bridge and back. We ended up adding a mile or two to the 3 mile bridge run, and by the time I got back to my apartment I had run eleven miles! That's my first double-digit midweek, non-long run, and I loved every second of it. Now that I'm logging 50+ miles a week, I should do this way more often. I felt fast, and the weather was amazingly perfect at about 50 degrees. 
After I got home I chugged some water, followed by one of these: 

The Alpine Spring is Sam Adams' seasonal beer for Spring (duh.) It's very tasty and quite refreshing after a sweaty, water-free 11 miler. We have a variety pack of Sam Adams in the fridge right now (many were consumed, but not pictured this week) but this one is definitely my favorite. 


I REALLY did not want to run on Thursday. Emphasis on the REALLY. Due to a serious sleep deficit and long day at work, all I wanted to do was go straight to bed the minute I got home. The 11 miles the previous day took a toll on my legs, which felt heavy and a bit sore. I've also been dealing with some weird hamstring/hip/arch pain for the past few days, but nothing that would prevent me from running. Thus, I reluctantly stepped out the door for 6 easy, totally tech-free miles. My Garmin is missing (uh-oh) and I've been using my phone to track all my runs, but decided to plan my route out online beforehand and go "naked" for Thursday night. It was very relaxing to not hear a "beep" every mile or look down at my phone to see my pace. It was exactly what I needed to recharge from a long week. 


Rest day # 2 of the week, with 20 miles on tap for tomorrow at 6 AM before trekking to Vermont. I'm blogging from the local coffee shop, which has become my new favorite place to exist. Not only is their coffee bangin', but their food is delish. 
Round 1: 
Roasted veggie sandwich

Round 2:

Mexican chocolate cookie and skim latte

Wait, is that like going to McDonald's and ordering a Big Mac and a Diet Coke? Nevermind, the cookie is vegan, so it must be healthy, right? 😉 

This place rocks. 'Nuff said. 
Tonight I'm looking forward to getting my haircut, drinking a cocktail with my friend Diana, and checking out a friend's art show for a hot second before putting myself to bed early. I need to get out the door at dark o'clock to run 20 miles before heading to Vermont for the last big snowboarding trip of the season.

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