Vermont Getaway – Part One

Since my last post, I've been spending time on mountains doing a whole lot of this: 

but not so much of this: 

I got up early to run a "quick" 20 miles last Saturday morning, on about 80% roads, and 20% trails. Not exactly ideal training terrain, but we needed to leave by noon for Vermont, and I was not going to let a long run get between me and my favorite American state!
Josh and I arrived at Brattleboro, Vermont around 8 PM, which was also the first place we vacationed to together in 2010. We enjoyed a couple local brews and headed to bed early with every intention of hiking Mount Wantastiquet the next morning. 
However, after waking up to snow falling and coming to the realization that the mountain trails would likely be covered in several inches from the past few months of heavy snow, we decided to bail on the hike. Neither of us had appropriate shoes to be hiking through unknown amounts of snow in the mountains especially with another 2 hour drive ahead of us that day. 
I decided to redirect my energy into a 7 mile run, which pushed me over the 50 mile mark in a single week for the first time ever.  I was so excited, that I ran to New Hampshire! 
I did actually run to New Hampshire, though it was only about a half mile across a bridge over the Connecticut river from Brattleboro. After my run, Josh and I walked around Brattleboro for a couple hours, shopping in cute hippy stores, getting massages, and sipping on excellent coffee. 
We had great company during lunch at Whetstone Station, where we met up with our friends Joel and Val, who were coincidentally skiing at Stowe as well over the weekend. Unfortunately, they were on their way home to Boston, but we were glad to see them either way.  I devoured "Tim's Awesome Burger," one of the restaurant's specials, which is a bacon cheeseburger with peanut butter on it. Yes, peanut butter. And it was actually pretty good! 
After taking some photos on the bridge to New Hampshire and saying goodbye to our friends, we hopped back in the car to head up to Stowe, where we would spend the next few days snowboarding and drinking amazing beer.
Stay tuned for part two! 

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