Vermont Getaway – Part 2

Josh and I spent the rest of our trip at Stowe, one of the larger ski resorts in Vermont. We stayed in a luxury room at the Green Mountain Inn, which I highly recommend when visiting Stowe. This is how we spent the next couple of days:
Flat screen over fireplace (in-room jacuzzi not pictured)
4 year aged Vermont cheddar and Amber Ale Honey Mustard

Rock Art Brewery "Extreme" ESB
We spent a good portion of our time on Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont, and one of three peaks at Stowe Mountain Resort. It was so cloudy the first morning, the summit was not visible.
Since I wasn't planning on running on the snowy Vermont trails, I decided to check out the "glades" (aka the woods) on my snowboard, which was awesome and terrifying at the same time. 
We decided to spend a little apres ski time at Rimrock's Mountain Tavern after our second day on the slopes. It was there that we finally found the beer I'd been searching for since we arrived in Stowe, and lusting after for the past several months: 
I can honestly say that The Alchemist's Heady Topper is the best beer I've ever had. I know that is a bold statement, but it's 100% true. This hoppy, yet smooth American double IPA goes down like liquid gold. It is meant to be drank straight out of the can, which is 16 oz of pure heaven. At 8% ABV, one will get you tipsy, and two will get you downright giddy. We ended up staying for two, knowing we probably wouldn't have the chance to drink this beer for awhile. It was sold out at every other bar, restaurant, and beer store we tried.  It is worth the hype. 
We said a sad goodbye to Vermont early Wednesday morning, knowing it would be the last trip of a fantastic snowboarding season. However, as we drove past massive Mount Ascutney on Route 91, I smiled, knowing that this would definitely not be my last trip of the year to Vermont...
The Vermont 50 Mile Ultra Run takes place September 29, 2013 at Mount Ascutney. My hotel is booked, and the sign up date is penciled in my calendar. It looks like I'll be making another trip to my favorite state in six months!

2 thoughts on “Vermont Getaway – Part 2

    1. Tony - the heady topper is amazing. I want to live in VT just to have access to it (and the cheese, and the ice cream, and the mountains...) Ascutney is very intimidating from the highway, but also exciting to think about.


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