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10.0 miles - 1 mile to/from gym + 8 miles treadmill 

Avg. pace - 9:13 (6.5 on treadmill)

I realize I have not been posting half as much as I did when I started this little old blog about 2 months ago. The thing is, when it comes down to a decision between 6 hours of sleep versus 7 hours, sleep is definitely winning over blogging. I've been running more than I ever have before, and I'm consistently tired. Anyway, here's some highlights of the past week since I returned from Vermont...


I set a 10 mile PR (1:25:01, 8:30 pace) during a fast training run while these guys slept on the couch:


Ran an easy 6 miles during lunch. After work, I headed to happy hour for my friends' engagement. On the way, Josh and I stopped at D'Alessandro's in Roxborough for a classic Philly dinner:
D'Alessandro's Cheesesteak and Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Every true Philadelphian I know says D'Alessandro's has the best cheesesteak, but I'd have to place them second behind Jim's on South Street. Still damn delicious though. 


14 mile trail run. PERFECT weather. This was probably my best run during this training cycle, so far. If I didn't have plans later that night, I probably would have kept running past 14 miles. THIS kind of run is why I am training for an ultra. There is honestly no better feeling than running through the woods on a sunny 55 degree day in the very end of winter.

LOVED this! ^ (more on that in a future post)


Ran 8 miles around Lancaster, Pa. My runner friend Ryan, who also hosted about 8 of us at his place Saturday night, put together a nice loop around the city that ended up on a greenway trail that follwed the Conestoga River, and then led into the beautiful city park. 


Rest. Rest. Rest!


Ran 5 easy miles to volleyball. Jammed my finger into my teammate's hand (the ball still went over the net, don't worry.)  All I could thing was, "at least it's not my foot!" It doesn't really hurt, but the ER says it's broken, and I suppose the x-rays don't lie. I'm likely out for the rest of the volleyball season, but I'll definitely be present at our games to heckle cheer on my team. No impact on running, thank God.
I'm more concerned about my dry skin in this pic than the broken digit
Until next time...

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