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8.11 Miles @ 9:23 per mile


I haven't posted about running lately because I haven't been running as much as I want to be. Last week, I aimed to hit 55 miles and only reached 41. It sounds crazy because 41 miles is more than any week I ran in 2012.  However, sometimes things come up that force us to change our plans, like a potential injury. 
Two weeks ago I ran 38 miles in 5 days straight in a brand new running shoe model. Why you ask? Because they felt awesome. I love my new Brooks PureFlows. They are light and cushiony and stylish.
What did not feel awesome was my calves and feet the day after running 5 days straight in a new "minimalist" shoe model. I quote that because the only thing actually minimalist about these shoes is the 4 mm heel-toe drop, versus 11 mm in my Brooks Ghosts. That 7 mm makes a huge difference over 5 days. What REALLY didn't feel awesome was when I turned my ankle on the trails on Sunday (wearing a proper trail shoe, mind you.) And let's not forget the little stair climb I did during that time frame.

This one's an ankle-twister

So after all this, I took a much needed rest day last Monday and felt pretty beat up. My right ankle and heel area was killing me, even just walking. I took another (unscheduled) rest day on Tuesday, and didn't feel much improvement. So I switched back to my old faithful Ghosts for all of last week's runs, and have been feeling minor improvement day by day. All in all,  I still ended up getting in 41 miles last week, including a 22 mile long run, which is good enough in my book.

View from University City during a run last week

I finally felt about 85% during my run last night, which was fantastic. I ran a couple windy miles down by the Delaware river and the Ben Franklin Bridge, then headed to South Philly to meet up with a friend who ran the last 4 miles with me. It was refreshing, fun, and exactly what I needed to pick up where I left off. 
The Ben Franklin Bridge, which I often run across and/or under

This week, I know I will not be making my weekly goal either. However, this is a conscious decision based on some amazing upcoming weekend plans. On Saturday, I'll be running my first ever trail race, the Tyler Trail 10k. To say that I'm excited for this is a tremendous understatement. 
On Sunday, I'll be accompanying my friend Janine for a section hike of the Appalachian Trail. If you recall this post, you know I am a huge fan of the AT. I made the decision to forgo my scheduled trail run in favor of a hike that has the potential to be an amazing experience all on it's own.

It was a difficult decision for me to give up a solo long run in favor of a group hike, but I know it is ultimately the right call. I think my body was telling me to slow down last week, which is exactly what I plan on doing. 
Note: "Ultramarathon Training Volume" by Ian Torrence was published yesterday on, and really helped me think through some of my mileage goals for this training season. I highly recommend it for those training for an upcoming ultra, or race of any distance. 

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