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9 miles, including 2.5 on treadmill

I have posted a few times (here and here) about my fall goal, which is to run and finish a 50 mile ultra. I have had my heart set on the Vermont 50, mostly because it's in Vermont, my favorite state. The idea of climbing up and around Mount Ascutney in the fall was so enticing, that I thought I could make this happen by September 29.

Mount Ascutney

After penciling in weekend after weekend of plans in June, July, and August, the reality set in that I have almost no free Saturdays and Sundays to run quality back to back long runs. I know if I truly set my mind to it (and cancelled some trips) I would be able to do it. But that brought up a more important issue, did I really want to train all summer long, with little free time to enjoy the many fun things I have planned with friends and family? Sure, I have gotten through this spring training fine, but only just by the skin of my teeth, and I'm only training for 31 miles right now, not 50.

I did some further research this morning and came across a race I had dismissed earlier in the year, not for any specific reason besides the fact that I was enamoured with the Vermont 50.

The Stone Mill 50 takes place on November 16, 2013 in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a low-key event, and "easy" by 50 mile standards, which I think are perfect conditions for my first 50. Compared to the Vermont 50, this race is closer to me distance-wise, and also provides another two months worth of training time. This way, I will have plenty of time in September and October to get in the quality double long runs on weekends.  I'll also have many weekends in the fall to get some practice races in prior to the 50 miler, which would be considerably more difficult if I ran the Vermont 50.

I'm not totally dismissing the idea of Vermont, since I have a hotel room booked for race weekend already. There is a 50k option that is quite tempting, which I will consider more as the registration date approaches in May. After all, I will pretty much use any excuse I can get to go to Vermont...

One thought on “Change of Plans

  1. Looks like it's not quite a change in plans after all you still plan on running 50 miles. Just options to consider, even though you are calling it "easy" a 50 miler is a 50 miler is a 50 miler. At least you have a few more weeks to make a decision. Good luck!


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