Race Prep

Good morning from 6 AM on race day! The sun is just trying to poke it's head out right now. Luckily this race has a late-ish 9 AM start. UN-luckily, my alarm clock set itself head an hour so I was up at 5:30 instead of 6:30. Oh well. 

Yesterday evening I met up with my friend Diana for happy hour. We both ordered cocktails to start. Diana was feeling adventurous and tried a sriracha infused vodka martini, while I stayed inside my comfort zone with an Old Fashioned. 
Afterwards, we ordered a bottle of champagne, 'cause we're classy  it was only 20 bucks!
Photo courtesy of Diana

After a few hours of thorough race preparation, I headed home to catch some extra z's.  I awoke to find some inspiration on my kitchen table: 
Dear running gods:  
If I can't have Kara Goucher's abs, at least give me a little bit of her speed. 
Now I'm off to my first trail race EVER, and first official race of 2013! Have a wonderful Saturday!

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