Operation A.M. Runner

If there's one thing I have made clear in numerous blog posts, it is that I am NOT a morning person/runner. I usually can't function or talk to humans prior to having my cup of coffee in the A.M. However, Philadelphia is having a bit of an identity crisis this summer, and has decided to change up it's climate to tropical rainforest meets hotter-than-the-center-of-the-sun.

Thus, in a desperate attempt to escape the oppressive heat/humidity and sudden nightly deluges,  I made the executive decision to skip my Wednesday evening run and opted for a Thursday morning run instead. I have this same great idea at least twice per month, and historically have about a 0.5% success rate of actually running before work. In fact, the last time I ran in the morning was on Valentine's day, which was over FOUR months ago. I know this exact date because I bragged about it on my blog.

I headed to bed early (10:00 PM is early for me) Wednesday night and I set 3 alarms, including a 6:30 "alarm of shame" that was set at my normal wake up time.

And miraculously, I rolled out of bed at 5:15!  I smelled the delicious aroma of coffee (thank God for automatic coffeemaker!) and threw on my running clothes that I had laid out next to my bed the night before.

I enjoyed my coffee with a Honey Stinger Waffle (still can't get enough of these) and was out the door by 5:45 for an easy 5 miler.
I kept the pace  around 10 minute miles, because the humidity in Philly was 91% and I knew if I pushed it my asthma would show up in full force.  Despite the extreme humidity, I enjoyed the serenity of the bike path and the temps in the low 70's. 
I am committing to myself to a morning run at least once a week this summer. I always end up having a more productive work day after a morning run, and can do whatever I want at night without worrying about squeezing in my run at night. 
Finally, if you are like me and need sage advice on morning running (including safety tips), check out this post written by Dorothy at Mile-Posts.com:

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