Lately I've been feeling hungry, but not in the normal sense of the word.  Instead of craving burgers and fries this holiday weekend, I have the intense need and desire to devour a new distance. (Let's be serious,  I definitely still crave the burgers and fries.)

I spent all of June indulging, relaxing, and enjoying my time "off" from running. I totaled 92 miles for the month, which, at an average of 23 miles per week, is a far cry from my monthly high of 201 miles in March. While I've savored each free week night and every hour of sleeping in on Saturday mornings, I'm getting a sneaking feeling that something is missing.
I'm craving the long, hard, sweaty hours pounding out double digit miles every Saturday morning. I miss going to bed with sore legs and waking up even more sore. I'm having withdrawal from draining my body completely, and then pushing myself farther than my limits. Most of all, I miss my time spent alone in the woods.

I was supposed to go on vacation next week to Turks and Caicos. Due to extenuating circumstances, my family is postponing the trip to a later date. While I'm disappointed that I won't be laying on the beach with an umbrella-adorned drink in my hand next week, I'm going to do the next best thing: RUN. Since I'll have some unexpected free time next week, I'm pushing my 50 miler training up to start July 8th instead of July 15th.  I'll post some sort of a training plan next week sometime, once I've nailed down my goal weekly mileages and long runs.
There was a time earlier this year when running a 50 miler scared me. To be honest, it still does. The difference is, after taking a month off from training, I've built up an intense anticipation and excitement for this new goal, and I can't wait to kick it's ass. 
Have a fabulous holiday everyone....stay hungry.

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