Stone Mill 50: Training Week 1 Recap

Yes, I know it's already Wednesday and I'm recapping last week, but I'm going to try my best to post timely, weekly training recaps for the next 19 weeks.
One item to note is that I am currently in the base phase of my 50 miler training.  I'm planning to build up a solid base of 35-40 miles per week for about 5 weeks before moving on to the build phase for 8 weeks, peak for 3 weeks, and finally, taper for 3 weeks. 


Monday: 4 miles plus Ultimate Frisbee 
I love running to the frisbee fields because it is a short run, but it is mostly uphill. Truthfully, I hate it while I'm doing it, but I know it's making me stronger every time I do it.
Tuesday: 6 miles
This was a tough, humid run, that brought out the worst of my asthma. I definitely wanted to cut it short, but I knew I would regret it, so I stuck it out and ran slowly with walk breaks to get my breathing in order. 
Wednesday: 5.5 miles AM

I stuck to my once-a-week morning run plan and got in 5.5 miles before work. I definitely noticed a positive difference in my focus and energy levels throughout the day.
Thursday: Traveled to NY to see family, REST DAY

Nothing compares to a New York bagel

Friday:  REST DAY

Saturday: 10 miles

I ran 10 miles on the Putnam County Trailway bike path in Putnam County, New York. I really wanted this to be a good run, and had planned 13 miles. It was only about 75 degrees, but the humidity was 92%. This was by far one of the most miserable runs I've had in recent years, including many 20+ mile runs. On the positive side, I found a little nature preserve with some short trails, and ran along a pretty lake for a few soupy miles. 

Sunday: 4.5 miles

I spent Sunday traveling back from New York to Philly, and had lunch with friends in NYC along the way. After getting back to Philly, I ran 4.5 miles on the Schuylkill River trail. 
View of the Hudson River from the train in New York
Total:   30 Miles
Overall, I had a solid first training week filled with easy runs, though some felt quite difficult due to the heat and humidity. I hit my target mileage exactly, even if it felt low for my goal race.  I did not get in a long trail run like I wanted to, but a trip home to New York for a funeral took precedence over everything, including work and running. On the positive side of things, I was able to see my family for four days, and visited the second cutest dog in my life, Cooper, who lives with my dad.

Week 2 has been brutal so far thanks to a heat wave sweeping the east coast, but I am really looking forward to helping out this weekend at the Back on my Feet 20in24 relay/ 24 hour ultra. I'm volunteering as a pacer and an aid station worker from Saturday night to Sunday morning, and will definitely post afterwards about my first ultra volunteering experience. 

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