How to Pack your Apartment

Josh and I are moving on August 1st! After a seemingly endless, two month long search for a place, we finally found a perfect HOUSE (yes a house, not just an apartment) that will suit our needs. Hint: there is a claw foot bathtub involved. I may never leave the bathroom.

Since we have a crazy busy schedule the next couple of weeks, we started packing up our current place yesterday. After running 10 miles on the treadmill, I came home and got right into packing.

Step 1: Open a delicious beer.

When I was in New Orleans in April 2012, I drank Abita almost exclusively. Abita is the most popular (and delicious) New Orleans craft brewery, and Purple Haze is now one of my go-to summer staples. Made with REAL raspberries (you can actually see the pulp floating around in it) Purple Haze not overly sweet like some fruity beers. It is easy going and very drinkable at 4.2 % ABV. I'll take this over a Corona any summer day.

Step 2:  Find cool old stuff in your closet.

You never know when an old sport jacket might come in handy. Or 3 year old cigarettes....which went directly into the trash.

Step 3: Pose your dog with ironic objects. 

Whiskey and whiskey. GET IT? Well, this is what happens after four drinks and six hours of sorting clothes and knick-knacks.  God help our future children.

Now I'm off for a long trail run. Enjoy your Sunday!

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