Stone Mill 50: Training Week 3 Recap

Last week was insanely busy. I mean, any week that involves me waking up at 5 AM for a morning run two days in a row must be crazy.
On the upside, I spent 4 glorious, perfect weather days at the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey over the weekend, and squeezed in an amazing "long" run along the ocean. I also played my heart out at one of the most fun ultimate frisbee tournaments of my life, and our team made it to finals.
On the downside, I barely slept last week, our apartment still looks like a tornado hit it (we're moving THIS THURSDAY) and I tweaked my groin yesterday playing a casual frisbee game. It seems that running has taken a back seat for now, but I'm hoping a rest day or two will do the trick.
Anyway, here's the training recap for last week:


Monday - REST

I had planned my usual combo of run four miles to the frisbee fields, then play a game, but my body couldn't handle it. I have become quite in tune with what I can and can't run through these days, and it was smart to rest after a hard weekend of training.  I also cooked dinner! A rare occasion for me, since Josh does almost all of the cooking.

Spicy garlic kale with quinoa and walnuts

Tuesday -  AM: 5.7 miles,  PM: Game

I knew this would be a packed week so I committed myself to waking up early to squeeze in a couple of runs. The added benefit was getting in a couple of double workout days with evening games, great for training on tired legs.

Wednesday - AM: 5.2 miles,  PM: Game

A beautiful morning run that was NOT easy to wake up for, but worth it in the long run. The game was also fun, even though we lost.

 Early morning view of the skyline

Thursday -  REST

My legs were dying for a day off after two doubles in a row, so I gladly obliged. Thursday night, we drove down to the beach for the Wildwood Beach Ultimate Tournament.

Friday - 10.1 easy miles beachside

After sleeping late, I finally got out for a run at around noon, and the weather was perfect. A nice breeze cooled off any sweat I produced in the 80 degree heat, which was a drastic change from the scorching heat and humidity of the previous weekend. The view wasn't too bad either:

Saturday - 4 games ultimate frisbee

Wildwood is by far my favorite tournament of the year. The games are only 45 minutes long (versus about 2 hours), and the fields are much smaller than usual, so everyone is giving 100% for every point. There is no room for laziness. It is, essentially, the ultimate speed workout (no pun intended.) Although we ended up with a 1-3 record on Saturday, we were optimistic about winning on Sunday.
Fields next to the pier

Catching on offense 

Deflecting on defense /slash/ doing the thriller dance

Sunday - 3 games ultimate frisbee

Though we ended up losing in finals, this was by far my best Wildwood yet. I felt strong, fast, and confident, and remembered why I played this game to begin with. I also realized how much stronger running long distances had made me. At this time last year, I was struggling to keep up with some players on the field, yet at the tournament this year, I was outrunning many of my competitors. My teammates are also some of my good friends, which helped make the weekend even more fun. 
Total:  21 miles plus 9 games ultimate frisbee

I ended up being more sore after this week than any other training week in the past year. Though my mileage this week was lower than I hoped for, I ran a lot during my games, which more than made up for missed miles. I am confident that faster running is helping me build up stronger legs that will carry me through the next phase of training. 
This week has already been ridiculously busy, filled with training at work, packing the house, moving to a new house on Thursday, and then leaving for Turks and Caicos at 6:00 AM Friday.  Somehow I'm trying to fit in some miles in there as well.  Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to be sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand come Friday!

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