Stone Mill 50: Training Week 7 Recap

Hello from my new patio!

Wine: Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc. 
Dry and fruity. Easy to drink, easy on the wallet. Not terrible.
It's been quite a while since I've done a legitimate training recap, but it's because I haven't been training legitimately. In case I hadn't made this clear before, I've been a little busy lately. Due to vacations, moving into a new house, and engagement celebrations, I ran under 20 miles each week during weeks 4 and 6. Week 5 was better but did not include trails. I've beaten myself up over it and doubted my ability to perform my best and my upcoming races, but I'm over it now and ready to put in the work necessary to achieve my goals. Thus, we move on to a less busy and cooler fall, with more time and energy to be devoted to training. 
Week 7 was better than weeks 4 through 6, though still not 100% back on track. I am doing my best to ease my way back into higher mileage without injuring myself, so I stuck to a fairly reserved schedule last week. While this is technically the first week of my "build" phase, it still looks like a base week mileage-wise. 

Week 7: Build 

Monday -  6 easy
Returned from the Philly Folk Festival. Ran 6 easy, evening miles to check back into the real world.
Just an average Saturday at the folk festival
Tuesday - Another easy 6
Wednesday - Unscheduled rest day 
Wednesday was awful. I had sudden, intense hip flexor pain, general exhaustion, cramps (TMI) and sleep deprivation from the previous week. The day off was necessary. 
Thursday - Rest 

I went to the annual work Phillies game and had a great time. My new house is a four minute subway ride away from the stadium, which is pretty fantastic.
At Citizens Bank Park, being silly
Friday - 3.25 hour (15 miles) sunset trail run at Wissahickon Park

This was one of the best long runs I've had in recent memory. I ran the hills that I usually walk, and felt amazing nearly the whole time. I think my mixed fueling strategy was part of the reason I was successful, because I looked forward to a new snack every hour instead of dreading the same food. I downed a Kind Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bar right before the run, and then ate Clif Shot Blocks and a Honey Stinger Waffle during the run.
My go-to gear: Oiselle Rogas, Injinji toe socks, and Brooks Cascadias
Saturday - Rest day
I went to Atlantic City for my friend Kristy's bachelorette party, and had a blast. We caught up on some end of summer beach time during the day, and headed out to HQ nightclub at Revel casino at night.
We all wore blue, one of the bride's wedding colors
Me and Leah, heading into HQ
Sunday - Evening 6 miler
Wonderful recovery from Friday's long run and the antics of Saturday night in AC. 
Ben Franklin Bridge at night
Total - 33 miles (3.25 hours on trails) 
I'm not 100% satisfied with week 7, as I'd like to be over 40 miles per week at this point. However, I know that if I push myself too hard and too fast, I will risk overtraining and injury. I am aiming to hit 40-45 miles this week and feel that it is an achievable goal. 
Besides training, I am fully immersed in wedding planning and trying to find the perfect place to get married at the right price. I always vowed not to be a bridezilla, and luckily, I've only had one breakdown so far.  😉

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