Stone Mill 50: Training Week 8 Recap

Time for the weekly training update. Unlike the last several weeks of training, I felt like this week I finally hit my stride (no pun intended). While I'd love to be hitting 50+ mile weeks right now, I am still trying to slowly build up mileage to avoid injury and burnout.  I struck a nice balance of running and fun last week, so here's what it looked like:

Monday:  5 miles 
I ran 5 hot and sweaty miles at lunch down and back to FDR Park, which is right across from the sports stadiums. Hot, sweaty, humid and dehydrated seemed to be the theme of this week. 
Tuesday: 6 miles 
6 post-dinner miles to the Ben Franklin Bridge and back. Still hot.
Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  4 miles
I received my first of two shipments from Oiselle this week and wore my gold Runfinity Feather Burnout scarf to work.  As part of the Oiselle team, I got a sneak peek of the fall line, and have to say that I'll be wearing this scarf frequently throughout the colder months. 
I ran 4 quick miles around South Philly, which felt faster than I've run in a long time. Probably not the wisest choice the night before a long run, but I had no Garmin and the pace felt right. I was also treated to a beautiful sunset on the last mile home. 
Friday: Trail Run, 3 hours and 45 minutes (15.5 miles) 
I wanted to run 18 miles on this run. Turns out, that was not in the cards. The humidity hovered between 70-80% for the whole run, and I sweated much more than I counted on. I honestly did not enjoy most of this run, but knew that almost 4 hours on the trails would be worth it no matter how far I traveled. On the upside, I saw some end of summer sights that brightened up an otherwise crappy run. 
During the run, I ate two Smucker's Uncrustables and two Honey Stingers waffles. The more I experiment with fuels, the more I have learned that I really enjoy solid foods as opposed to liquids or gels. Conclusion on the Uncrustables: delicious and easy to carry and digest. Next time I'll probably make my own PB&J to save money and chemical preservatives.
Saturday:  8 miles
These 8 miles were also rough, though again I chose to run at midday, so I can only blame myself for the heat/humidity induced misery. I ran across the Ben Franklin Bridge, which offered 4 tough "hills" on tired legs, as well as some awesome views. 
I also went to a really fun wedding at the Tyler Arboretum, and got another workout in while dancing on 4 inch heels 😉 The wedding actually took place at the same place I ran the Tyler 10k in April, which was my first trail race ever. I loved the arboretum's scenery during the race, and the wedding proved to make the venue even more beautiful.  
Sunday:  Rest
I took the day off and attended a family reunion in New York. It was wonderful to see all of my family members, some of whom I haven't seen in over ten years.
Total: 38.5 miles

I'm proud of myself for pushing through the intense humidity over the past week, but I'm definitely looking forward to cooler weather coming up in the fall. I've got a busy week coming up with Rosh Hashanah, getting the house in order, and a trip to the Poconos for a potential wedding venue visit, but I'm still planning to slightly increase the mileage and take a step back week on my long runs.

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