Stone Mill 50: Training Week 9 Recap

Week 9 proved to be amazing in many ways. Training went very well, and I made a lot of headway on wedding planning. Here's what it looked like:

Week 9 - Build

Monday: 6 miles easy

Tuesday: 8 miles with YiP and Philly Runner

Source: @phillyruns (Twitter)

I loved this group run and can't wait to do it again next month. Click here to read my recap of the run.

Wednesday: 6 mile sunset run

Ben Franklin Bridge at sunset

Thursday: 5 mile sunrise run

Ben Franklin Bridge at sunrise

Friday: Rest

On Friday night, Josh and I attended the Oddball Comedy Fest in Camden. We saw some of our favorite comedians, including Dave Chappelle, Flight of the Conchords, John Mulaney, Geoff Ross, Kristin Schall and more. 

We're fancy like that.

Saturday: Rest

On Saturday, Josh and I traveled up to the Pocono mountains and visited two potential wedding venues. We absolutely fell in love with one of them, and are hoping to book it this week! I'll post more details once everything is finalized. Needless to say, I am really excited to have the venue pinned down. 
Lakeside ceremony from afar
On Saturday night, my best college friends (now bridesmaids) Diana and Heather, came over for some celebratory champagne. Then we went out to Stateside, which was just voted the #1 restaurant in Philadelphia. I loved the food I ordered, and the drinks were fantastic as well. After dinner, we headed down Passyunk Ave to Cantina Los Caballitos for a couple more cocktails.
"The Old Cuban" at Stateside
Pineapple margarita at Cantina Los Caballitos

Sunday: 13.1 miles

I didn't really plan to run an exact half marathon on Sunday, but the mileage just worked out that way. I ran in the evening again, because after several cocktails last night I needed the day to hydrate and do some housework. It ended up being a perfect night for a run, even though I ran the city streets instead of trails. I also tested out my new hydration pack from Salomon, which was comfortable and light. I'll do a full review on this eventually, because I think it is a really high quality piece of running gear.

Total: 38.1 miles 

I wanted to hit over 40 miles this week, but it just wasn't in the cards. This was a "down" week for long runs, which is always necessary for me as I increase mileage overall. I'm planning to get in a 5 hour trail run next weekend, so I knew it would be best not to push too hard over the last week. Regardless, I still got in 5 quality runs, and my legs have been sore throughout the week, which is always a good sign of progress in my book. 
This week, I'm really looking forward to attending the Oiselle Fashion Week after-party in New York City on Wednesday night, where I'll be meeting up with a bunch of Oiselle teammates whom I've only spoken to via Twitter/email so far. I'll definitely be sure to post some pics and details after the party. Follow me on Twitter (@trailscocktails) and Instagram (@dvmurtha) for updates!

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