Stone Mill 50: Training Week 14 Recap

The past week was full of ups and downs, training-wise. This was also the first week that we've had rain in about a month, which was fun at first, but got old really fast. I did not get in as much mileage as I would have liked, but I think my legs were still in recovery mode from the Vermont 50K. Here's how it went down:

Monday:  6 miles easy in the rain

I love running in the rain. Especially when it breaks the heat and humidity lingering from the weekend. This was just a purely fun, and invigorating run.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 6 miles, including hills and stairs 

In South Philly, there are literally no hills. Thus, I decided to take my workout to a ramp that leads up to a pedestrian bridge over I-95. I ran about 3 miles to and from the bridge, and in between ran 10 times up and down the pedestrian bridge, and 20 times up and down the stairs on the other side. 
Hills and stairs

Thursday: 8 miles medium effort in the rain

Josh and I headed out to his parents for the evening, and I ran 8 miles on the Perkiomen Trail before dinner. Since it was pouring rain (again) I was literally the only person running on the trail. I also began feeling a twinge in my left hip flexor, which would plague me through the weekend.
Oiselle Lesley Knickers kept me warm in the rain

Friday: 5 treadmill miles, 15 minutes on stair climber, and core work

Friday presented another day of pouring rain, and while I had planned to go for a long trail run that day, I literally could not bring myself to do it. After a few hours of deliberating on the couch, I decided to hit the gym for a few miles and some cross training. My hip was still hurting so I opted for a shorter run plus core work and 15 minutes on this death machine:

Saturday: Rest

My hip was still feeling tight on Saturday, so instead of a long run I opted for rest. We headed out to the suburbs for a fall party and had an awesome day full of cider, smoked meats and pumpkin carving. 
A beautiful October evening

Sunday: 18 mile trail run

I had been feeling pretty low all week about running, mostly thanks to the hip flexor pain and the rain. Sunday's perfect fall weather presented me with an opportunity for a nice long run, which cleared my mind and reinvigorated my love for trail running.

Total: 43 miles 

I would have liked to hit above 50 miles this week, but pushing myself too hard would have aggravated my hip even more. Over the past several years of training for marathons and ultras, I've learned that it's not worth risking injury just to hit a certain arbitrary number. I hope that my hip feels better this week as I head into peak training, and I will base my mileage around how I feel. 2 more hard weeks until taper!

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