Stone Mill 50: Training Week 15 Recap

I can't believe the Stone Mill 50 is only 4 weeks away. This week's training helped build my confidence significantly. As one of two "peak" weeks I built into my training plan, I had two goals. First, I wanted to hit over 50 miles for the week, and second, I wanted to get in back-to-back long runs. I'm happy that I accomplished both goals, and I'm surprised that I'm not feeling too sore. Here's a look at the past week's workouts: 

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6.7 miles plus arms & core work

On the way back from my run, I hit the gym to lift weights and do some core work. It felt good to do something besides running.

Wednesday: 5 miles, yoga, and 4 miles = 9 miles total

During the last day of the government shutdown, I knew we would likely go back to work the next day and wanted to take advantage of my last day off. Thus, around lunchtime I ran to the gym for yoga, and ran home to round out 5 miles. Little did I know that this hour long yoga class would make me more sore than any of my long runs yet. Later that night, I headed out for an easy 4 miler and got in 9 total miles for the day.

Thursday: Rest

I woke up with extra tight hamstrings from yoga, and remembered why I should practice yoga more frequently than once every few months. Instead of running as scheduled, I took a rest day.

Friday: 6 miles 

I ran 6 miles during lunch, then headed up to the Poconos after work to go camping with friends. It was a cold night but the fire was hot, and we had a great time. 

Whiskey's camping / Halloween attire 

Saturday: 12.3 miles at night (road)

I left the Poconos a day early so I could run 2 long runs over the weekend. Normally I wouldn't prioritize running over fun, but the race is only 4 weeks out and I knew I had to get the miles in. My hamstrings still felt tight from yoga, but after a few miles they finally loosened up. It was a surprisingly fun way to spend a Saturday night in the city. 

Sunday: 20 miles (road) 

I decided to test my legs on the road again, just to see how they would hold up after the previous night's run. I felt really good until around mile 15, and then just wanted to eat a burrito. I definitely felt energy depleted, a result of having a carb-light dinner after my long run the night before. Even though I wasn't running on trails, it was still a gorgeous day for a run.
Fall has arrived on MLK Drive

Skyline view from MLK Drive
 Manayunk Towpath: Where I first started running in 2009

After the run, I stopped at El Zarape to pick up that burrito I'd been craving for the last 5 miles, and it was fantastic. Now I'm sipping on a fruity, Belgian-y saison from Magic Hat:

Total: 54 miles 

It was a great training week overall. I'm really happy with how well I've been recovering from my long runs. This upcoming week will be my last big week before taper begins, and I'm hoping to break 60 miles, if my schedule permits.

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