The Love Run 13.1 — Training Week 1 Recap

While the weather was terribly uncooperative this week, I'm pretty happy with the way my runs turned out. I hit my planned paces and mileage pretty spot on, which is always a good way to start off a training cycle.

[In case you missed my post on my goals for the Love Run half marathon, click here to read about them. ]

This was the plan for week 1, from the Smartcoach program:

WEEK 1: 31 Mi
Mon Jan 6 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @9:35
Tue Jan 7 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @9:35
Wed Jan 8 Tempo Run Dist: 7 Mi, inc Warm; 5 Mi @ 8:13; Cool
Thu Jan 9 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @9:35
Sat Jan 11 Long Run Dist: 13 Mi @9:35

I pretty much hit this on the nose, but switched some days around to accommodate my schedule.

Monday:  4 miles easy @ 9:35 pace [treadmill], plus 20 minutes arms and core workout.

Tuesday:  3.85 miles @ 9:45 pace


Though a little slower than planned, I will blame the sub-zero windchill temps for that. This was probably the coldest day we've experienced in decades, but I still had to venture outside to a volleyball game. So I layered on 2 pairs of tights, two shirts, snowboarding socks, a facemask, a winter hat, and my ski jacket to run to dinner before my game. Turns out, a ski jacket was way too warm, even in single digits and below freezing windchills.

Wednesday: 3.15 miles easy at lunch [treadmill] @ 9:35 pace, 1.0 incline.

I've always read you should do your treadmill running on a slight incline to give a bit more resistance, but only recently looked up the actual pace conversions from road vs. treadmill. Once I found this website, I realized how much slower treadmill paces truly are, thanks to no wind resistance. In most cases, changing the incline to 1% will help correct this issue.

Thursday: 7.6 mile tempo run - 1 mile warmup, 5 miles @ 8:17 pace, 1.6 mile cooldown

This run was good in theory, since my endurance and speed both felt great. However, I developed a serious shooting pain or cramp in my right arch during my last tempo mile which forced me to walk for about a minute. I have been having some issues with my right achilles lately, so I assumed it was related to that and slowed down the rest of the run.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

I did not want to risk injuring my right foot, and wasn't sure if I was dealing with just a cramp or something worse, so I took two full rest days in a row to make sure.

Sunday: 13 miles @ 9:33

I had to make a quick pit stop during mile 11 to go into the pet store when I saw this girl in the window. It took every ounce of my willpower not to fill out adoption forms for Sissy! She looks just like my pup Whiskey.

*If anyone is looking for a cute, small, and friendly pup, Sissy is available through Operation Ava pet rescue. She is listed as a one-year-old puggle, though based on her looks, I would say she's more likely a chug.  Here is her listing:

 Sissy's Adoption Listing

Weekly Reflection

As I said earlier, I am pleased with how this week turned out. I will definitely continue to monitor my right foot issues, though it felt completely fine during my long run last night. Looking forward to another 30+ miles this week!

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