Love Run 13.1 Training Week 3 Recap + Bridesmaids in Philly!

Last week's training did not go exactly as planned. But instead of dwelling on that, I'm trying to focus more on running strong this week.

Planned: 33 miles

Actual: 20 miles

Monday : 5 miles easy

Thursday : 5 miles easy (treadmill)

Friday : 10 miles (2 to gym, 6 on treadmill, 2 from gym)

I guess that I should be more thankful than disappointed with last week because the pain and soreness I'd been dealing with in my right achilles for a few weeks seems to be subsiding. After a surprisingly painless and slow 5 mile treadmill run on Thursday night, I carefully stepped back into training and got in a shortened slow, long run on Friday night. Besides cutting my weekly mileage down,  I also took out my tempo run this week just to be safe. Luckily, this cutback week coincided  with the 14 inches of snow that dumped on Philly last Tuesday:


I knew this weekend wouldn't involve much running because I had more important things to do... my BRIDESMAIDS came to Philly!  Focusing on my wedding and enjoying my engagement is is one of the reasons why I temporarily quit running ultras this year, and I still feel so good about that decision. If you miss a weekend of running while training for a half marathon, it's definitely not going to impact you as much as missing a weekend of ultra training.

Me and the girls had so much fun, despite a snowy Saturday that threatened to ruin our plans. After dress shopping in New Jersey, we headed back to our hotel in the Old City neighborhood of Philly, which offered considerably more space for 5 guests than my little rowhome.

We popped some bubbly while getting ready for dinner:


Had some STRONG and delicious margaritas at Xochitl:


And topped off the night at a few bars in Society Hill:


The next day, some of the girls came over to my place for brunch, where I took care of the mimosas while Josh cooked up a storm.

IMG_4347My view from the couch.

All in all, it was a good week despite my low mileage. I am glad my little injury is feeling better, but still plan on stretching my calves before and after each run to prevent another flare up. I was so happy to spend time with my bridesmaids this weekend, which was a perfect way to end the week!

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2 thoughts on “Love Run 13.1 Training Week 3 Recap + Bridesmaids in Philly!

  1. I love your attitude! It's great to be able to put last week behind us and just look at the week ahead! Also, what a fun weekend! I want to get married again just for the party aspects - bridesmaid, bachelorette, reception! I guess that's why my BFF and I are trying to plan a girls-weekend-away, we need a good party!
    PS. I enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you're interested, head over to my blog to check it out:

    1. Danielle @ Trails & Cocktails

      Post author

      Thanks for the nomination! :) You're right, this whole lead up to the wedding has been really fun, and there's still so much more to come!


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