In the Mountains, but not Running

Last week, I took a week long (Friday-Thursday) hiatus from running to head up to Vermont, my absolute favorite wintertime state. While many dream of sandy beaches and umbrella-ed drinks during these cold, snowy months, I long to spend as much time as possible snowboarding in the Green Mountains on top of the highest peaks in the East.

Due to luck, generosity, and excellent website stalking by friends, I managed to swing a big five day trip with a bunch of friends and family. The first half of the trip I spent with my cousin Gabe, his girlfriend (and my bridesmaid) Katie, Katie's mom Betsy, and Gabe's friend Dave. When they all left to go home on Sunday, I stayed on the mountain and waited for my friends Jess and Samantha, who were driving up from Philly and New York.

In the end, it was an amazing trip. I spend 3.5 glorious days snowboarding on Mount Snow and Stratton, and wished I could have stayed longer. Having said that, there were a couple of incidents that reminded me of how dangerous skiing and snowboarding really are. My friend Samantha suffered a minor concussion on her first day on the mountain, but thankfully she's okay since she wears a helmet. On the last day, Jess and I got stuck in a gondola for over an hour due to mechanical problems, but ultimately ended up with a $50 voucher out of the deal.

Barring these incidents, the trip was fantastic. Here are a few shots from the trip that can accurately portray my experience better than words:









Now that my big trip is over, I'm done slacking and ready to get back to training hard :)

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2 thoughts on “In the Mountains, but not Running

    1. Danielle @ Trails & Cocktails

      Post author

      It was fantastic! Wish I could get back up there again this year, but the wedding is only 7 months away! (As you are well aware, I'm sure haha!)


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