Adjusting Goals

In January, I was one happy goal setter. I set big goals for 2014 that were all speed-related. I wanted to PR in almost every race distance, and so far I've achieved two of those goals (5k and 10k).

Since January 1st, I've paid the price for these fast goals. I struggled with an achilles problem after my 5k, which finally seemed to subside by March. This past Saturday after my long run, I noticed an extreme tightness in my right calf. This turned into what feels like a calf strain on my easy run yesterday, forcing me to cut my run short.


It's no coincidence that within a week of running two faster races (7:35 pace at the Jan. 1st 5k and 7:50 pace at the March 2nd 10k), two minor injuries suddenly popped up. I think the issue is my mental strength has become stronger than my physical strength through racing for many years, and while my mind knows I can run at a certain pace, my body isn't prepared for it.

I've decided that while I believe I can eventually achieve my goal of running a 1:45 half marathon, on March 30th I am not going to stupidly push myself hard enough to try and achieve that time. I believe I will end up more seriously injured if I do.

At this point, I am planning to take a few days off to treat my calf properly, and will re-assess time goals after that. My February mileage was significantly lower than expected, and now it seems this week will be a wash as well. To be honest, I still think I can PR in the half marathon on March 30th (sub 1:50:38, or 8:26 pace) but if my body is not feeling up to it, I won't push myself too hard.

Injuries are eye opening, and I've been lucky enough not to have had any major ones during my running career. I've come to realize over the past few months that while I can get by running slow and long without a regular stretching routine, it's not going to cut it when trying to run faster. The long-term plan is to implement a daily stretching routine, especially focusing on my tight hips, calves and hamstrings (so yeah...everything.)

For now, I'll focus on Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) on the calf in hopes of it healing soon. I'm also scheduled for a massage on Friday, so that should definitely help out as well.

As for my goals? They are most definitely still there. Maybe I won't be chasing them so aggressively, but instead, I'll be paying a little more attention to taking care of myself.

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3 thoughts on “Adjusting Goals

  1. I hope you heal up soon! I def. got into a long strain of injuries after I was training at my fastest last year. I've really had to force myself to take time to rest, and I'm now resting again after a half in February, so that I can focus on my speed goals starting late spring/early summer. Its so frustrating to feel like I'm not able to train for what I want, RIGHT NOW, but I know in the end, taking the time off is the only way I'm going to be able to reach my goals!
    Alicia recently posted...motivation monday: i need it todayMy Profile

    1. Danielle @ Trails & Cocktails

      Post author

      Thanks, Alicia! I guess I never realized how tough on my body all this speedwork would be. Mostly because I've never trained for "fast" races before, only slow, long ones. It's so easy to get caught up in just wanting to run faster. Good luck with your late spring & summer goals!

  2. It's nice to find your article here because I experienced something like this:

    How has your healing gone with this? I hurt my lower calf muscle while running and it's super tight and sore and has been for a couple weeks. I tried playing basketball, but it hurt too much. Did yours heal?
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