More Spring Racing

It's strange that my goal race is over so early in the season. I'm still riding the post-PR high of The Love Run and the Tyler 10k, but I'm definitely not done racing for the spring!

Here's a recap of what's gone down so far in 2014:

1/1:  Hangover 5k (23:27), 2nd Age Group

2/23: Ugly Mudder 6.2 (1:26)

3/2: NERRC 10k (48:39) PR

3/30: The Love Run 13.1 (1:48:14) PR

4/5:  Tyler Trail 10k (54:29) Course PR, 2nd Age Group

Here's what's coming up over the next two months, and some goals and expectations for each race.

4/13: Healthy Trails 5k

This is a brand new race for me, and it should be a blast for a few reasons. While it's not actually a trail race, it's run on a bike path through Tacony Creek Park, so it will still be a beautiful race. Second, I have a bunch of friends running it, which will make it even more fun. I'm hesitant to try for a PR since running sub-8 miles has gotten me into some achilles trouble this year, so again, I will see how my legs feel before shooting for a PR. If they feel good, I'm going for sub 23:27.

5/4: Broad Street Run 10 Miler

I'm throwing everything I've got at this one. I've had a bone of contention with Broad Street since  the "hot" year of 2011 when they opened up all the fire hydrants on Broad Street, and have been wanting to PR ever since. It's a net downhill 10 miler, and based on my recent half marathon time, I'm confident I can set a PR at Broad Street this year.

5/9-10:  Ragnar Cape Cod

This might be the spring race I'm MOST excited for. I'm so ready to take on Cape Cod with team #FlockYouLikeaHurricane! I've never been to the Cape before and this seemed like the perfect way to see 200 miles of the coast. I'll be running about 18 miles as runner #8. Luckily, we picked up a few sweet sponsors for the journey including a few of my faves: Oiselle + ProCompression, and also Nuun, EnergyBits, and PocketFuel.

5/18:  Dirty German 25k

dirty german 4
At the 2013 Dirty German 50k

In 2013, I ran the 50k as my first ultramarathon, and loved it. It was a perfect race to break into ultras, and I'm glad they offer a 25k (15.5 miles)  so I can still run it this year with my reduced training mileage. I'm planning on enjoying more of the post-race food and drinks while cheering on the ultrarunners in Pennypack Park.

6/14: 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon

I couldn't say no to another Uberendurancesports event (same guys who put on the Dirty German). The difference is, this race is run on the bike path in Pennypack instead of trails.


That about does it for the spring. I've never raced this much in one season before, and I've learned a thing or two along the way.  I don't have anything else lined up before my September wedding, and I think I'm going to keep it that way!

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      Excited to meet you too! Thanks for stepping up as our fearless leader even though you're injured. Should be an amazing weekend!


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