Dirty German 25k Preview

This Sunday I'm running the Dirty German 25k. The race takes place on trails in Pennypack Park in Philadelphia. When forming my spring race schedule, this was a no brainer. I ran my first 50k at Dirty German last year (they offer 25k, 50k and 50 mile options) and was really impressed. It was not overcrowded, the course was well marked, and the aid stations were well stocked with some ultra favorites like pb & j, flat coke, m&m's and GRILLED CHEESE!

dirty german 4
Cheesin' with some grilled cheese at DG50k 2013

Did I mention there are potato pancakes at the finish line? Also, the swag is amazing! Last year they gave out spike bags and shirts to everyone, a hat for 50k & 50 milers, and finishers could choose between a pint glass or a duck call "medal".

dg swag

My goal for DG25k is similar to last weekend's Ragnar Relay goal:  HAVE FUN! I don't have a time goal since I haven't been running trails as much this year, and after racing a LOT this season, I want this to be a celebratory event, with no pressure to PR. I've never run a 25k but I have a feeling I will really enjoy this distance. it's long enough to get those long run endorphins, but short enough to not be in tons of pain the next day.

Anyway, the weather is looking perfect for Sunday, and I can't wait to spend 2-3 hours running in Pennypack Park! If anyone is coming out to the race, I'll be the one sitting in a chair, drinking a beer, and cheering on the ultrarunners after I finish.

me beer 50k

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