Oiselle Fashion Show at City Sports

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of modeling some of the latest Oiselle gear at City Sports Philadelphia! City Sports is one of my favorite spots to buy running gear in Philly, and now that they carry Oiselle, I'm sure I'll stop by there even more.

City Sports Philly at 16th and Walnut St source

I headed over to City Sports right after work, and was immediately greeted by TWO-TIME OLYMPIAN and Oiselle Regional Sales Rep, Vicki Rudawsky. Vicki was one of the original "sister heroes" brought on by Oiselle in 2008 and is an amazingly positive and knowledgable representative for the brand.

I also met the other "models", Alyssa (Vicki's daughter who is a collegiate runner) and Oiselle Volee teammate Stacey (@derunningmom), who blogs over at derunningmom.com . Unfortunately Jessica (@Miss_JLH), another Oiselle teammate, was unable to make it due to horrendous traffic, but thankfully one of the City Sports team members was able to fill in. We chatted for a bit before putting on our "looks" and then it was time for the event!

city sports oiselle table
Fleshman Power Dolls, stickers, and more!

As guests arrived, we chatted with them about the history of Oiselle, what we love about the clothing, and what it means to be a part of the Oiselle team. I was so happy and thankful to see my soon-to-be in-laws Eileen and Charlie, my future brother-in-law, Seth, and my friends Katy, Janine, and Steph all in attendance at the event. After chatting for awhile with everyone, it was time for the show!

city sports oiselle me
Loved my outfit!

I wore burgen Roga shorts (the item that brought me to Oiselle), a fresh green Flyte short sleeve, glovers, and the coveted Flyer Jacket. I absolutely love the burgen color of the shorts, and the light, softness of the Flyer jacket.

Guests enjoyed some snacks and wine while we Vicki described the pieces we wore and the functionality of each piece. Afterwards, we each walked around and let people feel the soft and light technical fabrics.

oiselle city sports with vicki
The models!

After the show, there was a raffle held for the accessories we were all wearing including the glovers, arm warmers, spike bag, and a Trials Hoodie. Surprisingly, I ended up winning the glovers I wore during the show! I was so excited because I'd been coveting these guys since they first debuted this Spring. My friend Steph also won the orange arm warmers!

Oiselle Lux Glovers    source

Overall, this was a fantastic event! Everyone had a great time, and I was really proud to represent Oiselle in some of their best gear. Head to your local City Sports today to snag some of these looks today!

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      Aw, thanks lady! I'm excited to wear the glovers this fall. Too hot right now!


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