My First DNS

No, I am not injured, but today marked my first "DNS" (did not start) in my running career. I was registered to run the Back on My Feet in24 5k, but ultimately decided earlier this week that I was not prepared to race a 5k.

I haven't done anything resembling speedwork since I set my 5k PR at the Healthy Trails 5k on April 13th.  That was more than three months ago. I've been very focused on trying to build my marathon training base safely and slowly this summer, and have not incorporated any speedwork into my training yet. Last time I ran a 5k unprepared was on January 1st of this year, and while I posted a time I was happy with, I felt a lot of achilles and calf pain for several months following that race. On top of that, my right hip flexor has been feeling pretty tight for the past couple of weeks and I knew running fast could aggravate that more. For all of these reasons, I was hesitant to race a 5k today.

I suppose I could have gone out and run an easy to moderate 3.1 miles at the race this morning, but I knew that I would push myself once I crossed the start line.  I am a competitive person, and don't love the idea of running faster and shorter races just for fun. So I made the executive decision not to run.

To be honest, DNS'ing is not fun. I feel guilty for not running the 5k this morning, especially because Back on My Feet generously provided me with the race bib. But in the end, my health has to come first, and I was not ready to willingly put myself in a situation where I could end up with an injury right as I begin marathon training.

I want to thank Back on My Feet again for the amazing opportunities they have provided me with this year, and look forward to working with them again soon in the future.

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