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So the last two weeks have been pretty fantastic.


Last week, I secured a paid writing job with If you enjoy reading local, active lifestyle pieces I highly encourage you to check it out. I'll be writing weekly articles about Philadelphia's outdoor lifestyle scene, but the site features writers from cities all over the country.


My first story was published this week, an interview with Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run, and Philadelphia native. I reached out to Chris last week to see if he had time for an interview, and we ended up having a really great conversation about running last Friday. I read Born to Run six years ago when I was first experimenting with running, and it helped inspire me to run my first half marathon. I'm very happy with how the article turned out, so check it out here.

Singletrack at Blue Marsh Lake

On another note, training for Laurel Highlands 70.5 miler is going really well these days. Last Sunday, I ran the Naked Bavarian Marathon at Blue Marsh Lake, which turned out to be about 27.3 miles long. I wasn't upset with running an extra mile because it brought my weekly mileage to 52 miles last week, which is the highest of my training season thus far.  The race went REALLY well, and I hope to write up a full report soon. Bottom line is I did not bonk at all, and I felt great the whole time. This week has been all about recovery and slow, easy runs.

Free chocolates!

Tomorrow I'm running the Hot Chocolate 5k in Philly. This race is purely going to be for fun, since my legs aren't trained for a fast 5k, especially after running a marathon this past Sunday. The expo was amazing! They handed out little chocolates as runners walked in the door, and had chocolate fondue dipped marshmallows for tasting. Additionally, the SWAG is a nice fleece hoodie instead of a boring t-shirt. I usually don't get excited for "theme" races but I can't resist anything involving chocolate.

Have a great weekend!

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