Stop Making Excuses and Start Setting Priorities

About five months ago, I made the decision to train for and run the Laurel Highlands Ultra 70.5 mile run. Around the same time, I also decided to run the Hyner 50k as a good, long training run.

At the moment, I'm having some serious doubts about my preparation for Hyner, which is coming up this Saturday. While I felt amazing at the trail marathon just a couple of weeks ago, I haven't put in the intense hill training that Hyner requires.  I am worried about DNF'ing (DNF = did not finish) because 7,000 + feet of elevation gain over 31 miles might just be too much.

hyner 50k elevation
Hyner 50k Elevation Chart

The only way to accomplish a big goal, such as setting a PR or finishing a difficult race is to figure out what's important and follow through.

In order to achieve what we really want, we need to stop making excuses and start setting priorities. 

Making excuses usually means choosing the easy way out. It's easier to run on a flat road versus on treadmill inclines. It's easier to go to happy hour instead of going for a run. But ultimately, these paths of least resistance will not lead us to accomplishing our goals.

I can find a million excuses for why I haven't done a lot of hill training this year—being too busy, bad winter weather, no hills near my house—but the only true reason is because I did not find the time to make it a priority. 

Therefore, the only logical way to get where we want to be is to own up to these excuses, recognize them, and start setting priorities instead. Next time I am given the "option" between hills and any other workout on a Wednesday, my normal hill day, I'm going to choose hills.

I talked in a previous post about looking forwards instead backwards. So instead of regretting some missed opportunities for hill work, I'm going to accept my training for what it is, and show up at Hyner with a determination to finish. I know I can run 31 miles—I've done it three times before. And while I'm not extremely confident about my hill strength at the moment, all I can do is give it my best on Saturday.

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